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You can get from DeviceBank

  • On-line sales, activity, device life-time statistics
  • Devices usage and user's loyalty analysis
  • Evaluation and forecast for after sales services and repairs
  • Technical audit and SW FOTA update
  • Secured personal space for all your projects and devices
  • Web sites for your company info, portfolio and footprint
  • Post-shipment customization
  • and other useful features...
investments - information. vision. power. control. efficiency
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Connect new and current Android devices to your DeviceBank account
and get reliable on-line information, comprehensive statistics,
new vision and experience


  1. Open DeviceBank account
  2. Add device info into account
  3. Add DeviceBank apk into device FW
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People and companies who invested in their own device business and future.

ODM/OEMs, integrators, distributors, retail chains, mobile operators.

Before using DeviceBank we have received only a small amount of information about the devices. Data collection and report generation required from us several weeks and billing and marketing specialists. With DeviceBank we got a reliable source of information, working in online mode. Now we can control the sale of devices in a variety of sales channels, make dotations of device price based on "lifetime" of the device on the network. It is easier to assess the churn to other networks and control the SIM Lock feature. Now we are able to understand more about our users' preferences.

DeviceBank an excellent working tool for us. Now we can provide potential customers information about our experience, the actual numbers and geography of sales, confirm the quality devices by long "lifetime" of devices. By using FOTA solution, we can always fix the problem with the software or upgrade to a new version of Android. DeviceBank is easy to install and requires minimal settings. In addition, it does not change the UI, device customization and user's experince. No adds, no push, no foreign brand. DeviceBank has tiny size and do not waste device system resources. It's important to our customers.

As Brand owner, we are interested in the control of our products. With DeviceBank we clearly see the situation on the market. We can control the individual sales channels, to get rid of fraud in retailers reports, expect stock-protection, to receive and process reports for the repair and spare parts flow, plan the costs of post-sales service, more effectively manage the supply chain. With DeviceBank it became easier to do a co-branded products with the mobile operators. Now we can show the average lifetime of device models in the user hands, and to convince the operator to choose may not be the cheapest but reliable device that consumers like.

In preparing the device for the customer it was always the question of complex solution with a wide range of functions. DeviceBank achieves all the objectives and responds to the entire list of tasks. A comprehensive solution to generate FOTA updates, CDN networks, SSL and one single place for all our device projects. We have the ability to accurately track the process of updating the model. Acting as a service provider for the repair of devices, now we get the statistics of the service centers in on-line and can respond quickly to emerging problems via clear and simple API. We can share our achievements and projects with potential customers and partners.

infrastructure of DeviceBank

7 Global data-centers placed in Singapore, California,
Virginia, Tokyo, San Paolo, Frankfurt, Sydney.

CDN networks with 1000 Gbit/s capacity

BigData DeviceBank engine

High security standarts

DeviceBank pricing

DeviceBank provides flexible packages for DeviceBank usage and FOTA updates, included FREE.
Pay once for sold device and get service over the device life.
The packages are active during one year from purchasing date.

Tiny Free Few basic features and 10K sold devices per year.
Basic 10KUSD All basic features and 100K sold devices per year + 50K bonus.
Each additional 10K devices - 1KUSD.
Gold 40KUSD Advanced features and 500K sold device per year + 300K bonus.
Each additional 20K devices - 1KUSD.
VIP 150KUSD Unlimited


Find more detailed info about FOTA

Your file-server delivery FREE Update files are stored on your file-servers. DeviceBank delivers only file's link.
Download speed depends on your file-server and clients location.
DeviceBank hi-speed update delivery Not available for Tiny
+ 20KUSD for Basic
+ 40KUSD for Gold
+ 99KUSD for VIP
High speed up to 1000Gbit/s. Access points are distributed wideworld.

Private DeviceBank Service

Every client is highly important for DeviceBank.

DeviceBank offer own
Private DeviceBank Service
for people and companies who need to solve unique problems, request special
conditions or need service customization in accordance with market, law regulation and etc.

Please, send your request for Private DeviceBank Service to
or via DeviceBank HelpDesk.

Global 1st class IT solution for device business.
Time to invest in your device future has come.